American Eagle Outfitters Hong Kong
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American Eagle Outfitters Hong Kong

American Eagle Outfitters 是一個以忠於真我、表達自我為本的美國牛仔褲品牌,主張獨立個性、自由和多元。我們的牛仔褲和服裝賦予顧客向世界展示真我的力量 —— 他們的風格、創意、故事、強項。我們的品牌讚揚不會被別人的標籤束縛自己、是滿懷熱情和夢想的真實個體。AE現於全球營運超過900間店舖及。 American Eagle Outfitters is an American jeans brand rooted in authenticity and self-expression. We stand for individuality, freedom and difference. Our jeans and apparel empower our customers to reveal their true selves to the world – their style, their creativity, their stories, their strengths. Our brand celebrates those who won’t be contained by someone else’s labels. Real individuals with passion and purpose. AE proudly operates over 900 stores across the globe and at

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