iTunes Hong Kong
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iTunes Hong Kong

iTunes 是一款供Mac和PC使用的免費應用軟件,能管理和播放數碼音樂和影片。它可把內容同步到你的 iPod、iPhone、以及 Apple TV。所有你喜愛的,就在點按之間。

iTunes無處不在。你可聆聽音樂、觀賞電影、播放有聲書,或參與 iTunes U 上的講課。精彩內容延綿不絕,驚喜不斷。

有了 iCloud,你從 iTunes Store 購買的音樂、電影、app、書籍等都會自動出現在你的所有裝置上。無論你身在何處,你喜愛的娛樂都能與你相伴。

iTunes Store is the entertainment capital of your world. Imagine an entertainment superstore open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One that delivers anything you want, instantly. Shop the iTunes Store for music, TV shows, iPod games, audiobooks, free podcasts and more. And you can give as good as you get with iTunes gifts.

Purchase Conditions

獎勵只適用於購買iTunes 音樂及iOS in-apps. 購買iTunes movies, books, TV 及 apps可以獲得更高獎勵。






Stated earn rate is for iTunes music and iOS in-apps. Higher earn rate is applicable for purchasing iTunes movies, books, TV and apps.

Purchases of iTunes Gift Card are not eligible to earn rewards.

You cannot earn rewards for purchasing hardware through the iTunes program.

Effective 1 May 2017, you will earn a lower reward for all In-App Purchases made in a 24-hour window in that same app.

Your purchase will be shown in your account around 14 working days from the date of your purchase.

Effective 4 Aug 2014, iTunes will not entertain enquiry on untracked iTunes transactions.