GreenDotDot Hong Kong
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GreenDotDot Hong Kong

香港大型有機健康食品專門店,銷售來自世界各地獲有機認證的產品,包括有機即沖粉、穀物、急凍海鮮及急凍肉類、飲品及小食等,產品種類超過450多種。点点綠於香港門市、各大超市及百貨專櫃超過200個銷售點,崇尚天然的点点綠是您的健康首選。 Greendotdot is a retail chain that promotes organic and healthy products. With over 450 products that are sourced from various countries with legitimate organic certification, these products include instant powder, oats, grains, frozen seafood and meat, drinks and snacks.

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