SSENSE Hong Kong
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SSENSE Hong Kong

SSENSE 是加拿大最大型的潮流購物網站之一,主要售賣各大知名男女潮流品牌商品,包括 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Tomford, Paul Smith等。 With a repertoire of over 200 designer collections, SSENSE boasts a selection of carefully curated runway and high-street fashions from designers such as SSENSE is the future of fashion, delivered.


獎勵只適用於SSENSE新顧客。SSENS現有顧客會獲得較少獎勵。使用禮品卡及任何第三方優惠碼的訂單不會獲得獎勵。在SSENSE APP上交易之訂單不會獲得任何獎勵。使用私人推廣折扣/Private Sale Offer/優惠將不獲得獎勵。
Rewards are only applicable to new customers of SSENSE. Existing customers of SSENSE will earn less rewards. Orders paid with gift card or using any third party voucher codes are not eligible for earning rewards. Orders made with SSENSE App are not eligible for earning rewards. Order placed with any private promotional offer/private sale/coupon is not eligible to earn rewards.
Purchases from Essentials will earn a lower reward.