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Rakuten Global Market Hong Kong

Rakuten Global Market Hong Kong

Retailer Notice

This retailer is temporarily unavailable but we hope to have them back soon.

Rakuten Global Market is Japan's No.1 online shopping site, with over 10,000 merchants who offer over 400 thousand various items to customers around the world.

Purchase Conditions

• 請勿點擊網頁內的頁腳以免發生丟單情況。
• 獎勵適用於國際運送訂單。
• 獎勵只適用於來自樂天國際市場版面 ( , 交易的訂單。
• 於樂天市場其他版面 ( and 交易的訂單不會獲得獎勵。
• 所有寄送到日本地址(轉運公司的日本倉庫地址除外)的訂單不會獲得獎勵。
• 訂單內使用樂天超級點數的部分不會獲得獎勵。
• 於額外獎勵推廣活動期間,最終待確認獎勵會於交易狀況被記錄為待確認後約1-2星期顯示在交易記錄。
• 2020年5月27日起,樂天國際市場不會再接受丟單查詢。

• Please do not click the footer as this may result in loss of tracking.
• Purchase with international delivery is also eligible to earn rewards.
• Only purchase that is made on the Rakuten Global Market website is eligible to earn rewards. They include ,
• Please do not switch to other Rakuten's marketplaces as no reward will be given for purchases made from other Rakuten's marketplaces. Other Rakuten’s marketplaces include but not limited to and
• Any orders sending to Japanese household address (except warehouse address provided by forwarding companies) will not be eligible for earning rewards.
• Transactions or the portion of Transactions that are paid by Rakuten Super Points will not be eligible for rewards.
• During promotion period, the amount of pending rewards will be updated 1-2 weeks after the transaction has been reflected in your Transaction History.
• Starting from May 27 2020, Rakuten Global Market will not entertain any missing transaction query.

•http://global.rakuten.com以下のページ( 、、を含む)でのお買い物のみマイルの対象となります。日本語サイトへ遷移してのお買い物はマイルの対象外とさせて頂きます。
• やなどを含む、楽天海外販売及び、その他の楽天市場や楽天グループへ遷移してのお買い物はマイルの対象外とさせて頂きます。海外転送サービス等の転送用住所宛のご注文のみ、マイルの対象となります。直接日本のご住所に配送する場合はマイルの対象外とさせて頂きます。