Deliveroo Hong Kong
Up to 1USD = 2.75
was Up to 1USD = 1.75
from 03/05/2023
until 30/06/2023
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* Exact Asia Miles calculation will be made when payment is received from retailer (dependent on currency exchange rates)

Deliveroo Hong Kong

戶戶送致力改變消費者的飲食模式。我們成功的關鍵之一是頂尖的餐廳選項, 不論是充滿鑊氣的泰式炒河、新鮮沙律,抑或是簡單的早餐,都能一一在我們的平台找到。 Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way customers eat. A key ingredient of our success is having the best selection of popular restaurants to choose from. Whether you want a pad thai in the evening, a salad at lunch, or freshly scrambled eggs for breakfast - we’ve got it covered.

Purchase conditions

標示獎勵只適用於Deliveroo 戶戶送新顧客。Deliveroo 戶戶送現有顧客會員會獲得較少獎勵。
Stated reward is only applicable to new customers of Deliveroo. Existing customers of Deliveroo will earn a lower reward.