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Enterprise Car Club

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Enterprise Car Club

Enterprise Car Club offers a real alternative to car ownership and every month hundreds of new members are discovering the many benefits of pay as you go motoring. Not only do members save considerable amounts of money over owning and maintaining their own car, but they are also able to reduce the environmental impact of their car travel by sharing Enterprise Car Club vehicles with other like minded people.

The costs and hassles associated with owning a car (or two) can really add up. Insurance, servicing, MOT, tax, cleaning, parking permits, the list goes on…

But imagine if you could have access to a choice of new cars and vans parked locally to where you live and work, available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Vehicles which are serviced and maintained by someone else, meaning that you only ever pay for the time that you use your vehicle and not when it’s just sitting on the drive.

That’s exactly where Enterprise Car Club comes in.

Purchase Conditions

Please note: the stated reward is for a new customer completed sign up only. No rewards given when using a voucher/coupon code.