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JUICE Store Hong Kong

CLOT ®由陈冠希Edison Chen 及潘世亨 Kevin Poon 於2003 年成立,是一间集合时尚潮流的公司,旨在通过精心设计的服装和商品来衔接东西方。 CLOT ®不仅仅是一个时尚品牌,还推出了JUICE作为着名的时尚和生活方式零售商,提供一系列精选服装和商品。 Founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, CLOT® was proudly established in 2003 as a streetwear label from Hong Kong with the aim of bridging the East and the West through thoughtfully-designed apparel and goods. Expanding past just a fashion label, CLOT® launched JUICE as a renowned fashion and lifestyle store, offering a range of curated apparel and goods.

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