StockX Hong Kong
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* Exact Asia Miles calculation will be made when payment is received from retailer (dependent on currency exchange rates)

StockX Hong Kong

StockX是一個潮流商品交易平台 -我們的使命是:以智能的方式,讓所有人都機會擁有世界上限量的精品的機會。在StockX,可以找到熱門的球鞋、潮流服飾、電子產品、收藏品、和奢侈品配件。 is the current culture marketplace for the most sought-after releases. With real-time pricing on the hottest sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, electronics, handbags, and watches, StockX has something for everyone.

Purchase Conditions

獎勵只適用於StockX 新顧客購買手袋/手錶 。購買其他產品會獲得較少獎勵。
StockX 現有顧客購買所有產品會獲得較少獎勵。
購買電子產品 (Electronics) 及交易卡 (Trading Cards) 不會獲得獎勵。

Stated reward is only applicable to new customers of StockX buying Handbags or Watches. Buying all other products will earn a lower reward.
Existing customers of StockX will earn a lower reward on all rewardable products.
Buying Electronics/Trading cards will not earn any reward.