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Bobbi Brown Hong Kong

持續教育消費者並將最高品質、容易上手使用的彩妝介紹給客人即為Bobbi Brown的獨特之處。Bobbi堅信每位到櫃上的朋友,在回家後都能像專業彩妝師一樣地輕鬆上妝。而Bobbi旗下的所有彩妝師都接受了完整的訓練,每一位都能和Bobbi一樣地傳遞Bobbi Brown的彩妝概念。 Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a global prestige beauty brand that empowers women to embrace and enhance their individual beauty. Founded in 1991 by makeup-artist-turned-entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, the brand offers universally flattering products created with uncompromising quality and an intuitive sense of what every woman wants: to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.

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