Taobao Australia (Desktop)
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Taobao Australia (Desktop)

Taobao Marketplace ( is one the most liked online shopping platforms among the Chinese and overseas customers looking for wide ranged and good valued products. Taobao has grown from a C2C portal to an integrated e-commerce site with various types of services ranging from B2C, B2B, group buy, and auction etc.,featuring hundreds of millions of products and service listings every day.

Purchase conditions

Please note that this merchant only offers content in Simplified Chinese. By proceeding to purchase, you have acknowledged and agreed to the purchase conditions stated below and on the website.



为确保能够追踪交易 -
• 请勿使用淘宝手机APP进行交易
• 请确保使用「爱淘宝 」搜索栏搜索Taobao/ Tmall商品结果。所有于爱淘宝以外购买的货品不会获得奖励。

• 请勿点击页顶的功能栏、Banner或页尾的任何连结
• 请勿关闭「爱淘宝 」页面
• 如要选购2件或以上商品, 请使用搜索栏再次搜索商品结果
• 在选购商品及付款时,请勿点击任何不相关的连结/广告
• 选购商品时,请勿关闭「爱淘宝 」页面并请确保您的浏览器设置为关闭广告拦截
• 请确保您的浏览器设置为关闭「不追踪」
• 请在选购及点撃连结前,清空购物车。
• 购买不同产品可能会获得不同奖励。
• 快速支付: 机票预订或其他要求快速付款的商品,必须在付款期限过期前支付,否则可能无法追踪此交易。
• 特殊商品: 旅游相关商品或某些家居用品等交易或需要较长确认成交时间,因此记录及确认此等交易奖励的时间会较长。
• 虚拟类商品(包括但不限于手机充值卡、游戏点卡、机票),货到付款,聚划算,淘宝网套餐,购买已收藏宝贝订单不会获得奖励。
• 若发现违规行为(包括但不限于直接或间接进行购买发货给买家等行为),订单将不获奖励。

Rewards are not calculated on postage / handling / delivery costs or associated purchase taxes in your region (This may include but not be limited to VAT, GST etc).