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HKBN Fibre Broadband Hong Kong

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HKBN Fibre Broadband Hong Kong

香港寬頻是全港第二大的光纖寬頻住宅服務供應商,更被Speedtest評為全港最快寬頻服務供應商。香港寬頻以優惠價格提供高速穩定的光纖寬頻服務,配合WiFi 6 網絡安全路由器,盡享「周全上網」體驗,有效保障你的家居網絡安全,防禦黑客入侵。 HKBN is Hong Kong’s second largest Residential Fibre Broadband service provider. Named by Speedtest as Hong Kong’s fastest Internet Service Provider, HKBN delivers exceptionally stable and fast broadband at competitive prices. Subscribe to WiFi 6 Gateway and enjoy an all-in-one experience with built-in home network protection against hackers.

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