SmarTone Home 5G Broadband Hong Kong
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SmarTone Home 5G Broadband Hong Kong

SmarTone Home 5G 寬頻,家居上網救星,免拉線,插電即用,5G超極速!Modem+Router 2合1方便慳位,可同時支援30部裝置,有壞包換更安心,亦有貼心增值服務及智優越禮遇。 Home internet saviour, no landlines, plug and play and Ultra-fast 5G! Handy and compact 2-in-1 Modem+Router. Supports 30 Devices in high speed for the family. Worry-free device replacement.



Stated reward is only applicable to 12 months or above contract service plans. Contract service plans with 12 months or below will earn a lower reward. No reward for contract renewal.