CASIO Watch Hong Kong
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CASIO Watch Hong Kong

CASIO 創立於1946年,首款推出的產品為電子小型計算機,自此一直致力研發滿足大眾需要的高品質創意產系,其多元化的產品系列包括鐘錶、電腦 、計算機 、電子字典 、影印機 、數碼相機等。CASIO於1983年成功研發出號稱「摔不壞手錶」的G-SHOCK腕錶系列。。 Established in 1946, CASIO values creativity and ensure that every product is of high quality and is able to meet universal needs since its first electronic calculator launched. The diverse products of CASIO include but not limited to timepieces, computers, calculators, electronic dictionaries, printers, digital cameras. In 1983, CASIO successfully created and launched the “unbreakable watch” of G-SHOCK series.


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